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Introduce Institute of Human,Environment and Future's member

  • Director

    Kim, Hye Kyung

    humanfut@inje.ac.kr 055-320-3986
  • Vice Director,Distinguished Professor

    Lee, Tae Soo

    taesoo@inje.ac.kr 055-320-3717
  • Professor

    Kim, Young Woo

    fluxkim@gmail.com 055-320-3713
  • Research professor

    Yang, Sunny

    sunnyyang@inje.ac.kr 055-320-3712

    Doctor of philosophy University of Durham

    The west philosophy of modern,Ethics

  • Research professor

    Lee, Young Hwan

    yungwhan@hotmail.com 02-2270-0956

    Ph.D., Princeton University

    Ancient Greek Philosophy, Metaphysics

  • Researcher

    Kwak, Kyung A

    khkwag@inje.ac.kr 055-320-3712

    Iowa State University Doctor of Child and Family Studies,study of se

    The aged, Youth, Multiple cultures, Health disparity

  • Researcher

    Shim, Ji Won

    sonamu@inje.ac,kr 055-320-3712

    Ph.D., Westphalian Wilhelms University of Muenster

    Medical & Bioethics

  • Researcher

    Jang, Mi Sung

    mjang@inje.ac.kr 055-320-3712

    Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo

    Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics